A “Moving” SVDP Story


April 2017

Recently, our Society of St. Vincent de Paul had the opportunity to help a couple in their 20’s with five children, ages 2 through 10, as they transitioned from a hotel room into a house. The parents had been able to save and scrape together the $2,500 for the security deposit but had absolutely no furniture to furnish their home. This particular case was very unique from our typical cases since it involved more “muscle” than cash.  A parishioner whose mother had recently passed away approached our ministry and offered the woman’s furniture to us. It was quite obvious who could utilize this generous gift right away. So, one Saturday in March, several Vincentians rented a U-Haul, loaded up the furniture in Chicago, and delivered it to this most grateful family in our community.  SVDP was able to provide the client with couches, beds, kitchen and end tables, lamps, pots and pans, and many other household necessities. The family was astounded by their bounty and all Vincentians involved felt blessed to share Christ’s love with our brothers and sisters.   

We truly appreciate your continued support of our St. Vincent de Paul mission through your generous donations during the monthly collection for our ministry.

If you know someone who is struggling financially, have them reach out to us by leaving a message at our SVDP phone (847)347-0832.