SVDP Member Clothes 55-Yr-Old Vet


Recently the VA had secured an unfurnished apartment in Waukegan for a homeless 55-year-old veteran and contacted our St. Vincent de Paul Society to see if we could provide any assistance for him. We sent out a home visit team to determine the man’s needs. Since he had been homeless for several years, he needed just about everything to furnish the apartment, and he had very few clothing items. Our group was able to immediately offer him a voucher for the SVDP Thrift Store in Libertyville to provide him with several outfits, underwear, socks, shoes, a coat, small household items, etc. We purchased a table and chair set for his kitchen and a small dresser for his clothes. A parishioner offered a couch to our group as a result of our recent plea for small furniture which we have had delivered for the gentleman’s use. Since one of our SVDP members is the same size as the vet, he was happy to be motivated to clean out his closet and donate many clothing items to a very grateful recipient. The home visit team continues to keep in touch with their new friend; the vet enjoys talking about his past life and is truly appreciative of everything SVDP and the VA has done for him.