SVDP Gifts Van to Young Family in Need


In early October, our Society of St. Vincent de Paul received a call from a Waukegan woman with three very young children (3-year-old, 2-year-old, and 7-month-old). She had been living with her mom and sister in a 2-bedroom apt. and she had been sleeping with her children on the living room floor for the previous 5 months. Thanks be to God, the client had been recently notified that she had secured a subsidized apartment in Racine, Wisconsin, and would be able to move into it in early November. 

Her request of SVDP was that we pay the mechanical repairs on her 18-year-old disabled car that hadn’t run for a year in an amount over $1000. The home visit team could not recommend payment for the repairs due to the advanced age of the vehicle, its high mileage, and other repairs required to get the car in operating condition. When the SVDP volunteers requested ideas of other ways we could help, she stated that her most pressing need was a working vehicle to drive her family around in a new town without family support. If we could not provide that for her, then her blessing from us should go to another worthy person.  Our board was not sure what direction to go next.

At around the same time, our Society’s president had been notified that a SVDP member from another conference in Chicago had had a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan (with very low miles) donated and it was available to be given to a worthy SVDP client. After consideration of our client’s story, the decision was made to gift it this young family. All of our SVDP members were amazed at the work of the Holy Spirit throughout our many discussions and deliberations. 

There was much joy and relief on the face of this young mother when we finally delivered the vehicle and handed her the keys to this beautiful “new” car just 5 days before her move. She knows that it is truly a gift from God!

Our ministry is only able to be a lifeline to those we help due to the generosity of many of YOU, the parishioners of St. Paul! 

The hotline for St. Vincent de Paul is (847)347-0832.