Homeless Man Receives Train Ticket to Return Home


Just a few weeks ago we received an email on our St. Vincent de Paul website requesting our help. A 27-year-old gentleman had moved to Lake County from California three years ago to be near his children who had moved away with their mother to Zion, IL. In his time here he had experienced much hardship in looking for work and had been homeless for a large portion of the time. Recently he was moving nightly from one PADS shelter to another. His fiancé had grown tired to moving around each night with him and had moved in with a friend in Chicago so he missed her daily companionship. The young couple had recently made the decision to return to California to be near their families and their support but needed the money to do so. He sought us out requesting our assistance to purchase the one-way train tickets for the two of them. We were honored to be able to provide him with the help he needed at a very difficult time in his life. Our SVDP group purchased the Amtrak tickets for their pick up at Union Station and sent them on their way with blessed wishes to pass along God’s mercies to all they meet.